Sons of Confederate Veterans support for our nation and the rule of law

(Elm Springs, TN) 14 August 2017 — The Sons of Confederate Veterans opposes the KKK and other racist organizations. The SCV condemns in the strongest possible way the actions, words, and beliefs of any racist group. These groups are filled with hatred and bigotry, and racism is counter to the American principles of freedom for all citizens. Neither white supremacists nor any other racist group represent true Southern Heritage or the Confederate Soldier, Sailor, or Marine. In like-manner, the SCV condemns the actions of the “Antifa” counter-protestors whose role was to meet violence with violence and to answer hate with hate. Particularly, the SCV condemns the Alt-Left’s attempts to attack Confederate monuments and other war memorials in an attempt to tarnish the true history of our great nation and to further their modern socialist political agenda. Continue reading “Sons of Confederate Veterans support for our nation and the rule of law”


White House petition to save our monuments

Please help with the White House petition to save our monuments! Encourage everyone to sign this White House petition:

Here is the text of it:


Use Antiquities Act to Designate All Civil War-Related Monuments as National Monuments

Created by D.R. on August 14, 2017

WHEREAS the monuments and statuary arising out of the American Civil War are an irreplaceable homage to our American history and heritage, and,

WHEREAS there are those who wish, from selfish motives, to destroy forever these memorials to brave and proud Americans on both sides of the conflict,

THEREFORE, we the undersigned, as the People of the United States, do hereby beseech the President to utilize his powers under the Antiquities Act to designate every such monument, memorial, and statue as NATIONAL MONUMENTS in order to preserve our priceless and irreplaceable history.


Please do whatever you can to help this effort to preserve our heritage.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Randy McDonald


Memorial Service and Meeting

The Lt Col Elihu Hutton Camp 569, Sons of Confederate Veterans will have a Memorial Service and a meeting on Saturday, July 15, 2017.

This is during the Beverly Days 2017 celebration, located in Beverly, Randolph County, West Virginia. The Lt Col Elihu Hutton Camp 569, Sons of Confederate Veterans will have a display and recruiting table in the Civil War reenactors area.

Beverly Days is an annual event that is free and enjoyable for the whole family. You can read more about Beverly Days 2017 at their website.

The Memorial Service will be held 11:00 am on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at the Mt Iser Confederate Cemetery located near Beverly, Randolph County, West Virginia. All Compatriots, their families and friends are invited to attend. Compatriots should meet at the Mt Iser Cemetery. For those Compatriots not familiar with the location of the Mt Iser Cemetery, please meet us at the SCV recruiting table located in the Civil War reenactors area in Beverly, WV.

Later that evening, at 6:00 pm, the Lt Col Elihu Hutton Camp 569, Sons of Confederate Veterans will have a dinner meeting at the Steer Steakhouse located at 359 Beverly Pike, Elkins, Randolph County, West Virginia (located on the five lane, just south of the McDonalds). All Compatriots, their families and friends are invited.


Independence Day – July 4th

Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence

As you, your families and friends celebrate the Fourth of July holiday weekend, take time to read the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, which is commemorated by our Independence Day – Fourth of July – July Fourth federal holiday. And then remember our patriot ancestors who sacrificed so much to give us our great country – The United States of America. Continue reading “Independence Day – July 4th”


Duty, Honor and Historical Negationism

The United States of America – our country is the greatest country on earth and we, as citizens of the U.S.A., should be proud of our great country and our heritage. Yet, there are certain citizens who denigrate our country and its heritage, who will utilize “Historical Negationism” in their efforts to remove any vestiges of our countries heritage that they don’t agree with, such as Confederate memorials, flags, etc.

What is Duty, Honor and Historical Negationism? Continue reading “Duty, Honor and Historical Negationism”


Confederate Memorial Week, Hampshire County WV

May 29, 2017 through June 4, 2017
Hampshire County, West Virginia

150th Anniversary of the first Confederate Memorial Installation in Hampshire County.

Memorial Services county-wide to honor the boys of blue and gray.

May29, 2017 – June 4, 2017 – Flags placed on Civil War graves in church and private cemeteries, county-wide. Continue reading “Confederate Memorial Week, Hampshire County WV”